GROWER-OWNED agribusiness FREE Eyre will act as the agent for Clear Grain Exchange and Profarmer Australia on its Eyre Peninsula base and throughout the rest of the state.

It previously had a two-year grain accumulation agreement in place with export business WA's Plum Grove.

FREE Eyre chief executive Mark Rodda said the more growers who used the Clear Grain Exchange, the greater the benefits would be.

"We're confident Clear is a bit like eBay or Gumtree - if there's a lot of items on there, buyers will be compelled to go to the site," he said.

"In the past six months, the staff and directors have spent considerable time reflecting on where the grain marketing industry is, how it is evolving, who the key players are and how our grain business can best-position itself to add the greatest value to our shareholders and clients.

"We believe that graingrowers want maximum exposure to domestic and global grain buyers, security of payment and the ability to be price makers rather than just price takers for warehoused and forward grain sales. The Clear Grain Exchange is a real-time, highly efficient and proven platform that enables all of these key features - and that is exactly why we have chosen to back it."

Mr Rodda said that for graingrowers the process was extremely simple - for grain they would like to market, FREE Eyre grain staff would either undertake the process on their behalf, or educate them on utilising the Clear Grain Exchange themselves.

The new venture would also serve as a way for Clear to expand their footprint in SA.

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